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We have 3 ways to transfer Golds to you, A. Go by player auction house. B Go by mail system.C Trade face to face in game .More details,you can click our main navigation bar"How it Works", Thanks

Some delievery way is in 1 minute!

Notice:We never ask Gold back,dont trust anyone who PM you in game ,dont give your gold to anyone,dont give out your personal information.They may scammers,Be careful friends

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Jonny 1 weeks ago

Can anyone help? 

I'm looking at buying diamonds for neverwinter on the Xbox one... It says type in character name?  Is that just the in game name? Xbox gamer tag? Or both like you would to pm/mail someone in game?
Character name = hunter97
Game tag = proudhunter9000
Both = hunter97@proudhunter9000
^ make up name + gamer tag. Just curious to what they mean by character name? Due to people rather the same names in game just with caps and what not... 
Thank you.

Yoshi Julca 2 weeks ago

set order for RS firecape ,Aimee asked about skill points to estimate price, after i prepared necessary items  they started the  work , i  hope everything would be good .

raymond garcia 2 weeks ago

i saw there spamming in game , set order for  devilian golds ,they mailed to me in 10mins, good service here

Cortez Logan 2 weeks ago

my first order for blade and soul , price is a little high but got my golds in time

1Bean1 3 weeks ago

Omg I just bought 10m for 23$. Best Website ever omg I will be buying way more gold now lol

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