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President's Message

CEO of Fujitec: Takakazu Uchiyama

Since its foundation in Japan in 1948, Fujitec has engaged in global business activities as a specialized manufacturer of building transportation systems with over 20 production and business bases in North and South America, Europe, South and East Asia and the Middle East.
While creating products that fully utilize our original technologies ahead of our global competitors in pursuit of higher quality, we have lived up to complete customer satisfaction and confidence.
Now, China is the world’s largest elevator and escalator market. In order to meet strong demand, “Huasheng Fujitec Elevator Co., Ltd.” has been delivering many numbers of high-precision, high-quality elevators throughout China, aiming to expand the production system.
On the other hand, “Shanghai Huasheng Fujitec Escalator Co., Ltd.,” an escalator manufacturing base, “Fujitec Shanghai Technologies Co., Ltd.,” a research and development base, and “Fujitec Shanghai Sourcing Center Co., Ltd.,” a base for procurement of equipment and parts, are all located in “Shanghai Fujitec City” in Shanghai to establish an integrated, speedy and smooth system ranging from product development to manufacturing and procurement. 
With the advent of the “age of Asia,” we, Fujitec, will strive for further success, and at the same time, the Fujitec group will make concerted efforts with people from nations around the world to improve and develop comfortable and safe urban transportation systems.
We sincerely hope you will continue to give us further support and patronage.