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Skills Appraisal

In the environment of the Chinese elevator industry is developing rapidly. In order to offer high-quality workers to elevator enterprises and facilitate the healthy development of appraisal of professional skills of special work types in the industry, HUASHENG FUJITEC, under the lead of professional skill appraisal elevator sub-center of the mechanical industry, actively participates in the formulation of standards of professional skill appraisal, and configures resources of professional skill appraisal station and works out station criteria according to requirements of the elevator sub-center, which becomes one of the earliest appraisal stations for special work types in the elevator industry.

Langfang Station conducts the appraisal of professional skills in rigorous accordance with National standards of elevator installer and repairman. Appraisal examinations are divided into three parts: tutorship before examination, theoretical examination and practical examination.

• Tutorship before examination is mainly to standardize generic terms of technicians and offer them with systematic and theoretical knowledge.
• Theoretical examination mainly covers technical skills, and examination questions are extracted from the question bank of professional skill appraisal of the elevator industry.
• Practical examination is the core of appraisal of technical skills, which requires examinees to carry out operations on elevators or the experimental parts. It is the comprehensive examination on technical skills of examinees.

Based on the guiding ideology of sub-center of elevator, Langfang Station promotes international universal professional skill appraisal, reinforces the fulfillment of National professional grade certificate system, and accelerates the construction of skilled talent team in the elevator industry. Guided by the National skilled talent development outline, it shall consolidate the high-skill cultivation appraisal scheme, and continuously and effectively offer skilled talents to the elevator industry so as to enhance the maintenance quality of elevators, promote the industrial optimization, enhance enterprises’ independent innovation ability, and facilitate the technical growth and industrial development of the elevator industry.

  • Appraisal examination
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