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Fujitec won a big order of 106 elevators from a residential project

So far, the construction of Shenbao Jiayuan Community developed by Huabao Ju’an Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. of Hulunbeier City has been going on for one year. This project will be completed on Oct. 15, 2014. Fujitec has offered 106 excellent elevators to this project. Among them, the GLVF-E Mini-Machine-Room Elevator integrates the creative and advanced elevator control system technology of Fujitec, which can not only bring a desirable experience to riders, but also realize the maximum utilization of energy by enhancing its own operating efficiency; MLVF-T Elevator without Machine Room is a superior-quality and compact-design new-generation competitive elevator without machine room elaborately designed by Fujitec according to the diversified demand of modern society.  
Shenbao Jiayuan Community is located to the south of Bei’er Street, to the north of Riverside Greenbelt, to the east of Yimin River and to the west of the planned road in Hailaer District in Hulunbeier City. It has a total investment of 500 million yuan and a gross floor area of about 320 thousand m², including an aboveground floor area of about 260 thousand m². This Community includes seventeen 18-storey residential buildings, two 12-storey residential buildings, one clubhouse and one kindergarten. As one of the largest local communities, this Community has become a greenized, humanized and modernized model new civilized community by relying on its good locations.  
the elevator market of Inner Mongolia, Fujitec has been intensively tapping its market potential, has accumulated desirable market popularity and reputation, and has successfully won the favor of property owners. In addition to offering reliable products to property owners, Fujitec will continue to offer excellent follow-up services, and create a comfortable and delicate community life model for community residents in cooperation with real estate developers.