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Fujitec supports the construction of Beijing Ruicheng Four Seasons Hotel --- a modern fashion landmark of Beijing

On November 8, 2012, Beijing Ruicheng Four Seasons Hotel, another modern fashion landmark of Beijing, was ceremoniously put into operation. As a landmark beside Liangma River (a core business district of Beijing), this hotel has 313 guestrooms with a full set of facilities, 66 deluxe suites, 5 restaurants and bars about to be well-received, an extravagant hydrotherapy center and the most glamorous conference venue in Beijing.
Beijing Ruicheng Four Seasons Hotel perfectly integrates traditional Chinese culture and modern aesthetics. Amid a luxuriant atmosphere, it brings the world-famous individualized services of Four Seasons Hotel to all guests. The uncompromising brand spirit and the almost perfect service quality of Four Seasons Hotel influence high-end personages worldwide. Located in the area of Liangma River (a central business district of Beijing) and near the third embassy area, this hotel enjoys the convenience provided by the prosperous cultural, commercial and recreational center of Beijing. Amid the urban sceneries surrounded by prosperity and uproar, Beijing Ruicheng Four Seasons Hotel will provide travelers who pursue five-star deluxe enjoyment and elites and celebrities in Beijing with a homelike place for relaxation and a fashionable and modern place for negotiating business and making friends. 
Beijing Ruicheng Four Seasons Hotel uses 15 Fujitec elevators, and Beijing Ruicheng Four Seasons Family Apartment Building uses 17 Fujitec elevators. In an almost tailored form, we offer all-round building transportation services, so as to fully meet the high-end demands of Four Seasons Hotel and Four Seasons Family Apartment Building. The speed of elevators can be accurately controlled, thus offering a very high sense of comfort. Furthermore, during their “green” operation, elevators can fully save energy.
When the hotel was put into operation, Fujitec set up a cooperative relationship with Four Seasons Hotel in terms of maintenance. Four Seasons Hotel not only pays attention to the outstanding maintenance quality of the original factory, but also affirms the product and service quality of Fujitec. Since Four Seasons Hotel was put into operation, the products and services of Huasheng Fujitec has been making their own contribution to the normal operation of this hotel and the comfortable enjoyment of its guests.